Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lucy Rose

Listening to Bombay Bicycle Club has led me to dicover this lovely voice, and this beautiful song. Enjoy!

Something for the weekend: Blackberry and Apple Pie

A couple of weeks ago we went on an 'adventure' to pick some blackberries. Ok so the adventure was pretty much to the end of the road, but to a two year old its big news when suddenly you can eat the fruit off the trees, and even better when you can help to bake a pie with them! I've made this on average once every autumn for the past 4 years and it is delicious. The only reason I haven't made it more often is that only I want to eat it in this house and its a bit on the large side for one...although the smallest member of the house is just starting to enjoy it too!

Photo by David Loftus taken from

 Click here to see Jamie Oliver's full recipe.


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