Saturday, 28 January 2012

Treading the line

The past few months have not been my best, the fatigue of my current pregnancy combined with my two year old suddenly deciding sleep isn't for her, has resulted in me feeling exactly like Mr Polar Bear looks in this photograph...

Image by:  © Patrick J Endress / Visuals Unlimited
Tired, grumpy, a bit sorry for myself and generally not very pleasant to be around.

To everyone who has been near me in this time I cannot apologise enough! Especially to the Husband. Luckily He is always around with a cup of tea, hot water bottle and quiet understanding that I 'just want to be left alone for five minutes!' I've even had countless lie-ins due to the relentless night waking of the youngest family member. But sometimes it can all become a bit overwhelming and I feel as though I'm falling behind in everything.

SO...the plan is to pull myself together now I'm halfway through this pregnancy and really take control of myself again! First things first I must catch some rest this weekend and make this week a fantastic one.

Something for the weekend: Chocolate Fudge Cake and The Best Carrot Cake in the world.

In need of  a pick me up a few weeks ago I decided to indulge in some loaf tin cakes (small enough to make me feel less greedy and large enough to satisfy the eye). They are staples in my baking but I have never actually made the carrot cake for myself, and my husband, although not a cake fan, loves a slice of fudge cake if its hanging around!

 I went a bit 70's art deco on the fudge cake due to the amont of left over fruit we had but despite it looking a bit obscene, it tasted just as good! Check out the recipe for it as posted on an earlier entry here.


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