Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A 24/25 week baby bump

I am feeling just massive over here! I don't know if second time around it just feels heavier after all the stretching the first time around but gosh do I really know i'm expecting again now! My second pregnancy has been so different to the first and in all honesty it has passed by without much acknowledgement what with a two year old to chase after. But there is no denying the tummy kicks and flips it's doing in there now, along with frequent bathroom trips and being unable to bend to tie my shoes, we're progressing quite nicely me and my bump; my bump and I!

A is always talking to 'her baby' and often gives them a kiss good morning and asks them 'how's you goin' in there?!' I can't wait for them to arrive to watch them grow up together, I've a feeling A will be a little mother hen to the new addition!

Leap Year

In honour of February the 29th I thought I would share this article I stumbled across last night.
This one is particularly painful to watch...

I think some of the comments at the bottom of the Guardin article are a little harsh but I am in favour of private proposals over grand gestures and elaborate affairs. Our decision to marry was very personal and I don't think I would really want to share it with anyone. How about yourselves? What is your dream proposal?Any amazing proposals out there? And if you are planning to pop the question today; good luck!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Things that make me smile

Eating watermelon with an 18 month old...

Sometimes, when things get a little heavy and I really need a pick me up, I have a hunt through some old shorts of Awhen she was tiny. This is undoubtedly my favourite thing to watch in the whole world and I could watch it on an endless loop if there wasn't life and stuff to do! Much the same as the little phone camera clips I have of her first giggles hs fills me up with love...soppy much?!

Coupling: Opposites must attract.

Over the weekend the Husband and I treated ourselves to some reading material (which is a big deal in our house as we haven't had the time to do so for ages). Happy with our choices, our lunch out with the little one and some retail therapy to boot we headed home feeling satisfied after a hard week of relentless viral related grossness.

The Husband's is the one on the right and mine is Pigeon English on the left...

It took me about 30 minutes of reading side by side to realise something; we are totally opposite in our interests when it comes to reading but not only that, it bizzarely reflects on our personalities too. I've always been vaguely aware that he is the Optimist in the relationship and I the pessimist: he is the dreamer and I am the realist, sometimes to quite large extremes. When it comes to choosing to relax with a book however, I will always plum for fiction and I am pretty sure I can only name two fiction books my husband has read in the past 7 years as he always opts for a political book or some travel literature.

Perhaps we're seeking what we seek in each other in our literature too! Opposites MUST attract...

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Something for the weekend: Apple and Sultana Crumble with Custard.

Love this apple arrangement from blog french essence-red apples are THE best for munching daily and particularly good in this ultimate feel-good desert for the last of the cold days. Ideally to be eaten after a  perfect Roast Dinner!

Sleep is overated

Last Friday A got a temperature. Not one of those "I'm a bit snuffly and sticky ones either"...a really high, rapid breath, do not come near me mum, dehydration ones.

Friday, 24 February 2012


So I've done something a bit crazy for me..something proactive and spur of the moment-ish and of the 'in-charge of''genre.

Fed up of knowing no other parents and having nothing to be involved with in my local area I took it upon myself to try to organise a book club...twee right?!

I totally don't care for once and have had at least some responses so am about to step to it and will even be including a mini-book club for all the children dragged along! I'm sure this has something to do with the February air, my year always seems to start later than everyone elses!


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