Friday, 30 March 2012

Something for the weekend: Brooklyn Blackout Cake

We had visitors last weekend which is just an excuse to bake a cake in my opinion! I tried out the Hummingbirds Brooklyn Blackout Cake and although it didn't quite look like the one I was presented with in the book, it definately filled a specific chocolate cake based hole in my life!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday Letters: Love Letters

Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw depicting Brawne and Keats in Bright Star 2009

Who hasn't kept old love letters, tucked away in a box or diary, waiting to be peeled back and reveal all those feelings from what feels like a hundred years ago bringing a smile to you face and a side of yourself you had perhaps forgotten. But why do we keep them? Is it nostalgia? Or perhaps not being able to let go of a period of time? Plenty of people I know destroy them as soon as the relationship is over. I, on the otherhand, find something comforting and romantic in knowing that in 60 years time I may well stumble across old letters from a different time and opening them again will be like meeting my old self again. I also like to think my that should my children ever discover any old correspondence of mine it will intoduce them to a side of me the may have never known existed: and it's always exciting to realise your parents were at one point something other than just your parents!

The correspondence between John Keats and Fanny Brawne are among the most famous love letters ever writen. They commenced when the pair met as neighbours and continued until he left for Rome in 1820: He never returned, dying of Tuberculosis in February 1821.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Expecting a Boy

A few days ago, walking across town to do some shopping, I had to waddle my way past a small group of teenage boys in their school uniforms who had no intention of moving out of the large pregnant woman's way, forcing me onto the road to get around them. Usually this would illicit a lot of sighs, tutting and eye rolling (I'm British after all) but on this day it just produced a giggle instead...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring lusts

Despite there still being hardly any leaves on the trees, the weather here this weekend has resembled June more than March. First day of the year without a coat on; it felt a bit lovely! Now that I've reached the last trimester of this pregnancy I cannot seem to stop wanting to pamper myself with bath/body treats and crawling into comfy pyjamas once I'm done. It doesn't even matter what time of day it is. My head wants to be outside in the sunshine (which it has been) but my body wants to go to bed! Every desire I have involves comfort and not much beats curling up with a good book: I desperately want to read Krauss's novel having had it recommended by so many people over the years.
And I finally have a 'proper' constant pregnancy craving outside of junk food! Pink lemonade. In fact make that raspberry wait, just lemonade, lemonade (of the still variety)!

Thursday, 22 March 2012


I have a few boxes that have moved from one house to another with me and even travelled across the country for a few years too. When I first started the boxes I couldn't have been more than nine years old and they contained the most precious things in my world: my diary and letters from my sister.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Photgrapher unknown

Who are your friends? And how did they come to be so? According to a recent study people like to make friends with others who share their same beliefs, values and interests, and the more choices they have, the more likely they are to choose these kinds of friends

I am very lucky. I have a handful of friends who I would cannot imagine being without. However, I have been told I am very 'picky' about who I am friends with and to some extent I suppose this is true. I'm not sure why this is. If it is true that we choose our friends on the basis of their similiar values and beliefs perhaps there are just not many people out there like me!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dear Me

If you could write yourself a letter to your sixteen year old self what woud you say?

Below is the actor Alan Cumming's letter taken from Dear Me: More letters to my Sixteen Year Old Self by Joseph Galliano

I think it is a really beautiful letter. The book gives you a real and honest insight into the teenagers who grew up to be well known authors, muscians and actors whilst reassuringly passing on the subtle message that it will all be OK in the end!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could write to your former selve with some poignant life lessons? Instead, perhaps pass this book onto a 15 year old you know to calm their own teenage worries and fears!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A week in pictures

1, Fast asleep after a busy morning pretending. 2&3, First ever football match with Daddy. 4, Feeling paranoid about the lack of vitamin C in my diet! 5, Monday morning pancake breakfast. 6, Holding baby brother. 7, Posing in the kitchen. 8&9, Animal biscuits! 10, Hiding in the park. 11, Being a penguin. 12, Daffodil crazy for Mother's Day.

Hope everyone has had lovely Mother's Day! x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mooch for Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day here in the UK this sunday. This year I decided to opt for something simple and headed to a little shop in West Kirby, Wirral. Mooch has been a favourite for a while now selling all manner of things from fashion to furniture and beauty staples. Whilst it is the ideal place to purchase small gifts you could easily end up leaving with half their fashion pieces, accessories and a new chest of drawers to boot!

After much 'mooching' around I chose the above notebook to fill with photographs from the past view years that my Mum isn't likely to have had time to develop yet. I'll also be treating her to a home cooked roast dinner and may well have gone overboard on furnishing the house with Daffodils!
How will everyone else be treating their Mum's this weekend?

In love with this Pieces bag available at Mooch now.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cold Feet

I am 27 weeks pregnant this week which theoretically means I only have 13 weeks left of pregnancy left. Theoretically I will be giving birth again in 13 weeks time, if not before. You would think that having done it once before I would be well prepared and comfortable enough to do it again. This could not be further from the truth.

Slow mornings

Sometimes your toddler refuses to sleep; the baby in your tummy kicks ALL night so you are sure to be awake regardless of your non-sleeping toddler; you simply can't shake the family cold you've all had for nearly a month now; and you fall asleep with wet hair and wake up resembling a crimped poodle...

The day can only get better from this point (as long as a huge hairbrush is involved)!
I wish the photo showed how crimped my hair really is: rocking the 1990's Spice Girl's look over here!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ice cream bags

Saw this in my trashy glossy mag today

Looks good enough to embrace the pastel trends that I can't really wear right now what with the bump and all!

Summer Pudding

Whilst I was at University I had a part time job in small seaside boutique. I earned my wages wrapping peoples purchases in pink tissue paper standing next to the draughty door which led to the much colder North Sea. I loved this shop. It sold everything from clothes to piggy banks, candles to jewellery, dream catchers to furniture. It was crazy. You could barely get around the rooms and you definately couldn't see the walls nevermind put stock out. It really was an eccentric little place with things peering around every corner and flowers bursting from every available space in the front garden of the shop. It even smelt of the sea. I had two loves working in that shop: Broth and summer pudding candles.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Tom Rosenthal-Forgets Slowly

 A little bit in love with this...


Not that long ago, whilst swimming, A shouted "Please can I have the ball!? PINK IS MY FAVOURTE COLOUR!"


Of course I don't really mind what her favourite colour is at all and she has already, like most toddlers, told me it is every shade of the rainbow in the space of just a few days, but I couldn't help being shocked.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A's week in pictures

1. I had an angel help me cook Lasagne and  2. hoover at the start of the week! 3. "What is your favourite fruit A?" 4. "Erm mango! And strawberries and banana and grapes mummy!" 5, 6, 7 & 8. Getting creative in the kitchen. 9. Shiver me timbers! 10. Making macaroons (or macaroonies as Lex calls them). 11. Flying up to the sky. 12. Catching some z's after drama. 13. First ever football match with Daddy. 14. World's best Daddy multi-tasking with colouring, reading AND watching the football! 15. Half-finished kitchen/art gallery!

I have only just realised this picture is too small to see the numbers...more practice required!
Hope you have all had a lovely week x

Friday, 9 March 2012

Something for the weekend: Chocolate Coconut Macaroons.

Now I'm shuffling around more baking needs to be fast and easy. I've always wanted to try and make coconut macaroons but one reason or another have not got round to it. This morning A and I cooked up these rather dodgy but delicious ones in 25 minutes flat. Ace!

Friday night is...

..sometimes date night.

But lately we are so tired! We moved house at Christmas and since then we just have not stopped and life can sometimes feel like its moving a million miles an hour. When we do find time to sit down together it's usually in an exhausted stupor! At some point we wish to return to 'normal scheduled programming' but what with an uncomfortable pelvis, limited movement and a never ending virus the Husband has decided to bring date night to the house tonight. I'm intrigued to how we'll handle this with a two year old in the mix waiting to wake up at any second during our evening but nonetheless I'm secretly quite pleased with the effort to get some normality back to our lives and the thoughtfulness seeing as I can't move very far!

Who else has lovely weekend plans and how do you manage time to yourselves if you have children?

Have a lovely evening! x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Baby Bump

1. I love this baby blanket. In fact I love nearly all the baby blankets on etsy. Anything chunky, knitted and beautiful and I'm there!
2. We bought A a pink one of these for her very first Christmas as I really, really,  wanted her to have a teddy forever. Now she wants to get baby brother one too! (It's her gift to him when he arrives). 3. One of things I'm looking forward to most about having another little one in the house is baby massage! It's the best hearing them 'coo' and 'oooo' as your rub their little hands and feet. Massage oil from The Body Shop.
 4. I can totally dream. My change bag was so awful last time it broke within months. I don't understand why they are so expensive. If money were no object imagine swinging this on your arm; chic!
5. Grobags-pure genius.

The contents of a two year old's bag...

Being pregnant with a nearly three year old is a lot harder than it was to be pregnant wth just a bump to look at as you inevitably end up chasing yourself and your little one round in circles! In an effort to keep her engaged and always occupied whilst I'm busy doing boring jobs around the house (that used to be done a lot quicker!) I sent her on her way with a tiny bag this morning to 'tidy up' just like Mummy. She was thrilled. She mangaged to bag herself all of the above in two minutes flat which taught me to never let her do it house keys have been missing for most of the day!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gender Issues

When I was pregant with A I simply HAD to find out if I would be having a girl or boy.  It felt surreal to me to be carrying a child and not know whether they were a 'he' or 'she' and I really wanted to get excited and think of them as 'them'. However, I should admit, I was really never prepared for the fact that I could be told my baby was a boy. I feel awful just typing that nevermind how guilty I felt at the rush of relief swept over me as the sonographer said "I am almost 100% certain that that is a girl and I have been doing this for a long time!"

Monday, 5 March 2012

The components for a perfect pregnant supper

I've been having some rubbish pain for a week or so now and was told by my GP today that it might be SPD...I'm not very impressed. This evening snack of honey, coconut yoghurt and fruit is exactly what I need to perk me up!

My favourite thing about blogging...

I have not been blogging for very long but I have already found my favourite thing to do in the blogosphere...and it's reading everyone else's blogs! I'm still fairly new to the whole thing so am still falling in love with blogs daily but here is a selection of my current favourites:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A week in pictures


 This week we managed to find time to get well again (just about), build space rockets, have a play in the park, take a few evening walks along the prom with Daddy, cook up a meringue based storm and even steal some of Mummy's odd shoes when no-one was looking...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Something for the weekend: Chocolate meringues

I decided to attempt meringues today, something I've never baked due to being scaremongered by my mother that hers always turn out wrong. Also, whilst at a food market last weekend, I saw the most incredible, voluptous chocolate swirled meringues EVER made by the amazing Little Round Cake Company. They were huge! So mine and the two and half year old's first attempt went something like this:

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Date night dresses

I love these contrasting Whistles dresses available now for the Spring and Summer. They would be perfect for special date nights or wedding guest attire...if only I didn't have a baby bump in the way! I'm not sure I'd be confident enough to wear the pink Josa Tiered Dress but it is definately an eye-catcher and I love the lace patterns that are everywhere this season. The Veronica Dress is so chic and effortlessly stylish I would wear it everwhere if I owned one! Check out all the gorgeous new accessories currently online too, I love the owl necklace!

Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy does strange things to you and I am beginning to believe there is something catastrophically wrong with my tastebuds this time around ...


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