Sunday, 29 April 2012

Staying at home

When we discovered I was pregnant with A, I had not long graduated from University, and actually, was still not employed. I fell into a retail job within a few days of finding out our news and naturally once we had settled ourselves on really going for it with the whole parenting thing I had a call. Not just any call but a call about "the dream" paid graduate intern job at a children's charity in London I'd applied for before I'd even finished final exams...always the way with me! Not taking the chance and attending the interview regardless of being pregnant has never been a regret of mine-i'm a firm believer of everything happening for a reason-but sometimes I will have moments of mild panic...

Friday, 27 April 2012

Something for the Weekend: Lion Birthday Cake

Alexa will be three in a couple of weeks and after last years lion cake, has requested a bunny cake. ARGH panic! Not only am I horrified that she has the understanding to actually ask for a bunny birthday cake but I've no idea where to start (despite taking the route of 'a cake?! Whatever do you mean little one?! hmmmm I don't think there will be cake...") I will inevitably make one.. Any assistance with bunny birthday cake recipes will be greatly received!

Now for the Lion Cake recipe...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday Letters: Fathers: on falling in love and things to worry about

I have approximately three letters from my Father. I lived in the same house as him for 18 years so writing more frequently may have been odd (except for the box full of postcards I collected whilst he travelled to numerous exciting countries with work)...

The fact there is only three is a statement within itself. My Father's letters are entirely pertinent for the time they were written and seem to carry the weight of a parent's connection to their child. I wanted to write to Alexa as she grew but I am no great writer; to try and convey my concerns and worries or even my elation at her being in te world in an eloquent manner suddenly becomes extremely difficult when the pen is placed in my hand. Nevermind trying to impart wisdom or advice!

Two men, F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbck, who are best known for their literary skills have had their letters to their children shared on Letters of Note (a great site to browse!) and they read as follows:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Animal Play

These Gap hats from the Little Cubs collection are too cool for school...

If only we knew some keen knitters! Which is your favourite? I can't decide between the giraffe and the lion...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On Demand routines

Was your baby fed on demand (i.e. when they cried and the reason was thought to be for food) or were they fed to a schedule (i.e the recommended amount for their age every 3-4 hours)?

Monday, 23 April 2012


I've never been much of a big make up fan, opting for a very basic daily dose of mascara, concealer around the eyes, a pinch of the cheeks and vaseline on the lips (gloss on a good day!) but over the past few months I've discovered lipstick in a big way. It's truly like magic when you have two minutes to get ready with a toddler running around your feet and want to feel instantly polished. The only problem is I have very little idea what I am doing colour-wise! I'm quite a pale and freckly person with odd dark eyebrows and green eyes so I tend to stick to muted pinks and off-reds rather than brights.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Something for the weekend: Hummingbird Bakery Rose Cupcakes

These are the softest, fluffiest, most spongey and delicately flavoured cakes EVER to have been cooked in my kitchen. They are from the hummingbird bakery's book Cake Days and as I cannot find the recipe online I am taking the hint that they probably don't want me to reproduce it here for the masses! All I can do is say if you can get hold of the book (or surreptitiously; the recipe!) you MUST. They are genuinely easy to make and they look and taste SO satisfying...


Sometimes you just have to wave the white flag.

We have had visitors every weekend for a little over a month now and whilst it has been really lovely to see everyone it has also been pretty exhausting. It doesn't really feel as though it is quite over yet as we have more visitors coming in a few weeks for A's 3rd birthday and once baby boy arrives I'm sure we'll be under seige again! However, with a new baby in the room we are more likely to get a rest as visitors coo so it'll be a welcome break.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Baby boys first cheeky monkey

The best kind of visitors come to your house, even though it is definitely your turn to visit them, simply because they understand that you just don't want to travel in the last trimeseter of pregnancy. They bring huge pots and pans full of home-made chilli along with chicken wings, potato skins, beverages and a selection of desserts, so you don't have to cook for them. They arrive early on a Saturday and entertain a nearly 3 year old with colouring books, hide and seek and a visit to a farm complete with baby animals, adventurous slides and tractor rides and whisper for an hour at her bedtime to make sure she is really asleep! They return the next morning and polititely eat your pancakes and then insist on cleaning afterwards. They come with you to one of your areas bizzare local Easter traditions and then happily drive around aimlessly looking at not much scenery next to a snoring little one. They stay late into Sunday afternoon playing even MORE hide and seek, Guesss How Much I Love You board games and storytelling and they don't bat an eyelid when you, the supposed host, have a bit of a doze on the sofa (taking up 2 of 3 available seats) because you stayed up too late talking. They listen to everything you have to say and they are happy to be with you. They don't pull you up when you realise you've not said anything for a long time and you've barely asked about them and their lives thanks to your pregnancy head. On top of all that they bring baby boy goodies with them making you suddenly realise: he will be here very, very, very soon. your little girl loves them so much she includes them when talking about her family and with friends like them, secondtime parenthood looks manageable knowing they are there if you need them.

Looking forward to returning the hospitality asap! xxx


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