Saturday, 5 May 2012

"The sky is breaking!"

Not long after we moved into our new house and A was about 2 and 8 months she really started to notice the sky. Now obviously she noticed the sky before this time but suddenly she was really into 'the sky'! She talked about aeroplanes, the moon, the sun, the birds, the rain, the clouds, the sun, allll came together for her over a week or so. Except for one thing...
Whilst she was playing in her room one day and I was tidying ours she shrieked loudly "Mummy quick! The sky is breaking! Come and look Mummy!!" The panic mixed with astonishment in her voice was obvious so I ran into her room to find her hopping about from foot to foot pointing at the window. I couldn't work out what on earth was wrong with her. She was gesturing for me to hoist her up to the windowsill so I did and again she said "Look! the sky is breaking! It's going to break!"
Upon second glance I let out a knowing "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" as i realised the condensation left behind an airborne plane did make the sky look as though it was was going to split in two...

I love it when she comes out with these things, so innocent and naive. LOVE IT. Some reassurance later she was all like "oh ok...lets play pirates" and it was completely forgotten. How amazing are little peoples brains?! She worked out the sky looked like it was breaking, called for me, I explained what was really happening and she just took it on board like I'd told her put her toys away! I would of been hysterical if I thought the sky was breaking; no-one would of been able to reason with me! I know all kids are lke sponges at this age but I hope she retains her ability to hold all this knowledge as she well as a 2 year olds perception of the world!

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday Letters: Letters of friendship

Letters from friends are often the best, yes? They are always written as though you are sitting in front of the sender and reacting to their conversation; never formal, always slightly crazy and often full of meaningless chatter. You can be cheekier in a letter to friends than if they are standing before you, crossing lines of playful antagonsim, as well as expressing how much their friendship means to you which may be construed as OTT in person!

In researching for this weeks thursdays letters I headed back to brain pickings (a really magnificent site)and stumbled across an article on Floating Worlds,The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. Neumeyer. Gorey is a massively influential illustrator of the macabre; if you're a fan of Tim Burton you must check out his work. Having devoured the article I'm eager to see the book itself. The relationship between the two men began as a professional collaboration and turned into an unusual friendship withcorrespondence spanning metaphysics to pancake recipes according to Brain Pickings! Check out the amazing illustrated envelopes for starters...

Does anyone else still send letters to their friends? I'm a prolific offender!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


The last big hairstyle change I made was after the birth of A, and definately hormone induced. The worlds shortest cropped bob ever...Huge mistake!! I'm a bit of a hairdresser wimp too. The kind of woman who turns up once every 6 months to a year to ask for an obligatory fringe and trim please. So it stands to reason that towards the end of this pregancy I'm questioning hair colour of all things. Having learned from my previous mistakes I will wait until baby boy is at least 6 months old before making any rash decisions(!) but how amazing would it be to pull off one of these beautiful shades of red?

Top to bottom: Isla Fischer, Christina Hendricks, Florence Welsch.


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