Sunday, 6 January 2013

Family Traditions

Do you have any silly/funny/lovely family traditions? Or maybe things from your childhood that never seemed like traditions at the time but when you look back you know life wouldn't of been the same without them?

I'm trying to start some over here to make the little, and big, things seem more special for A and Baby far all we have is pretty lame: I make pancakes on A's birthday with whatever crazy topping she would like (this year she decided she needed Christmas pancakes too as 'that's a special day too though mummy!).

Recently, I read this post over on the littlest blog-I love the idea of a birthday poem! So any traditions out there  you'd like to share that we can steal?!?!...


  1. We have a birthday book tradition in our house. Every year I buy the children one special book for their birthday and write a little message in it for them. I like the idea that one day they'll have a whole collection of books that show their likes at each age. Love the birthday pancakes idea - yum! x

  2. That is a lovely idea! I also keep a scrapbook of birthdays-a double paged spread is for each birthday with a little picture and list of what we did to celebrate etc...can't believe i forgot that! they will be shown it on their 21st's...x

  3. I am sure we have some but I can't think of anything at the moment! We have lots of Christmas traditions though, and my little girls birthday is on Christmas Eve and some tie into that. x



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