Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Catching up: Baby T's arrival

Alright, I know this is oooooooo 8 and a bit months overdue, but nonetheless here it is. The little mans arrival. Baby T. 'Mate' as A calls him. The mose edible baby around as far as I'm concerned these days.
To be fair on the little guy he didn't have the best announcement that he was arriving in the first place, nevermind his arrival being recorded 8 months after the event! Baba T was unexpected to say the least. Not in a 'oh aren't we silly but we knew what would happen' kind of way. More in a 'You're ovaries are full to capacity with cysts of the polycystic variety and future children may be a stuggle for you' kind of way. but that's for another post.

I struggled with SPD from about 5 months into the pregnancy and despite the lack of mobility and chronic pain was appeased by the assurances of an easier birth due to all my joints being SO relaxed. Little did I know just how easy it would be!
I started slow labour three weeks before Baby T's due date...I was having stong, regular contractions daily for two to three hours and then everything was stopping. It was incredibly frustrating; especially as it kept happening in the middle of the night! Eventually I took myself off to hospital one afternoon after visiting my nan and going for a play in the park with A and my Dad. I just suddenly couldn't breathe and my bump was rock hard. Upon monitoring I was told I was 3cm dilated and the midwife performed a sweep to see if things would move along a bit quicker. Mr B picked me up and we decided, as we were only a week away from d-day, that it was best to stay at my mums as she lives much closer to the hospital than we do. I was petrified I wasn't going to make it there in time once it all kicked off having being told numerous times by my midwife that because of my spd it was quite likely that once it started it would be very fast!

Stuck at Nanny's house.

Nearly two weeks later we were all still at my mums and I was going crazy. I was ready to pack up and come home and sod the distance! I'd totally reached the stage of vehemently believing he just wasn't going to arrive-clearly he was going to reside in my womb forever! 

At the end of my tether on the eveing of the 19th June 2012 I let my other half watch the England v Ukraine Euro Championship match on the proviso he made me a decadent ice cream sundae...

Immediately after eating the thing it was clear I'd made myself sick and I took my sorry self off to bed to watch Mad Men. I couldn't get to sleep and evntually must of drifted off at about10.30 only to jump up at 11/11.30 to realise my waters were breaking. Having rushed to the bathroom I knew straight away the Baby was in distress so trying not to panic (which I very much was) I rang the hospital and announced 'it's me, I've rang every day for a week now, my waters have gone, baby not ok, see you in ten' and grabbed Mr B and threw us in the car.

My waters never broke with A, they had to be broken, and I knew the pressure of the baby without the fluid was going to hurt! By the time I got onto the drive and in the car the contractions were really not letting me come up for air. I was laughing on the outside but genuinely thought he was going to arrive en route as it all just felt a bit intense too quickly!

Upon arrival baby T was monitored for what felt like forever and finally I was moved to a delivery room. I had wanted a water birth due to my spd but he needed to be monitored so it was best we were surrounded by everything we might need. Unfortunately the gas and air can't come down the corridor with you so I was biting on a mouthpiece and indulging in a placebo effect as I hobbled my way to give birth! Once we reached the delivery room Mr B left to retrieve my hospital bag and I quickly went from 'this hurts a lot' to 'ohmygod mind blowing pain!'. I had only been examined upon arrival and had been told I was still at 3cm so when, about 40 minutes into my arrival I asked for some pain relief I was given diamorphine...5 minutes later I asked why it wasn't working! The midwife said it took about ten minutes to kick in to which I screamed back that I needed to push now!

Somewhat laidback about the matter the midwife went to examine me only to find a baby's head crowning. Baby T was born amidst me screaming like a crazy person (which I really beleived I would never do) and a few shocked midwifes who weren't expecting his arrival for a few hours. The diamorphine didn't kick in until after the birth in the end which left Baby T a little drowsy and me strangely euphoric!

This little man hurtled into our lives on June 20th 2012. I wouldn't have it any other way. He was unexpected. He was the biggest suprise. But I reckon he knew he was going to have a monumental effect on us. Look at that grin. It's his default.


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