Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mother's Day

It's Mother's day here in the UK this sunday and although a lot of us are busy mums ourselves, here are some ideas to treat our own lovely mothers to (and hints for the partners too...!)

a personalised thumbprint bracelet (available in all kinds of varieties...)

A luxurious fragrance set. They have endless scents on offer!

Bake up a storm in the kitchen and go crazy decorating the results!

 Frame a print of her favourite quote or artwork.
and finally, for the mum who still loves to write, these beautiful cards should do the trick.
How are you celebrating Mother's day? I believe we are opting for a home made roast dinner with all the family around and hopefully a sunny walk along the beach.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


These guys love each other. No really. They love each other.

(Baby T is like houdini...his feet and legs keep escaping his babygro's!)
I cannot even  begin to understand their relationship. Ok, I have a sister but she is eight years older than me. That is a massive age gap! I loved it regardless. It was a bit like having a cooler version of my mum who I knew would always look after me or who I could go to if I didn't want to go to my parents. It wasn't like having someone to play with though. Well, it was, but there was always an air of sensible about it too! My sister felt responsible for me in some ways so we couldn't be partners in crime. She was actually worse than my parents for worrying about me!
These two however...already got their own communication going on! Giggles a plenty if one of them is being cheeky...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Something for the Weekend: Pizza and Pretty Chocolate Cake

Last Weekend we had a bit of an indulgent one...a trip to the ice cream farm on saturday followed by homemade pizza and chocolate cake on sunday. There was (and still is) a pizzeria at the top of my old road called Francesca's and they sold the best parma ham and rocket pizza ever; it was the height of indulgence to two 20 year olds, washed down with a san pelligrino, garlic bread and tub of feta and olives.

For some reason this pizza was all I could think about all week...come sunday it had to be made so A and I set about doing just that. However, as usual, the camera got shoved out the way as we got inolved so they aren't really many pictures of the process...


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